Week 49: WU LYF (Go Tell Fire To The Mountain)

If you’ve been attracted to or avoiding WU LYF because you think they’re some crazy band who wants to bring Wu Tang Clan to rock audiences you’re dead wrong. Instead World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation is a band of upstarts from Manchester, UK formed in 2008. Last year, they rode the hype train in a way only matched by Odd Future and Cults. Lana Del Rey is the conductor. I’ve discussed it, Hype is a fickle mistress. Luckily for them, she currently favors WU LYF. 

WU LYF is a four-member band consisting of vocalist/organist Ellery James Roberts, drummer/pianist Joseph Manning, vocalist/guitarist/harmonica player Evans Kati, and vocalist/bassist/guitarist Thomas McClung. Their stage names are Elle Jaie, Jeau, Evnse, and Lung, respectively. I know names don’t seem so important but for the majority of their short career WU LYF insisted on being “clouded in mystery” and no one even knew their names until about a year ago. They just knew their music. It’s strange that they were so avoidant because their music is extremely accessible and fun to listen to. I guess they just like to frustrate the people. 

WU LYF’s music is a combination of so many things. Musically they’re a mixture of Two Door Cinema Club and Foals. They share TDCC’s upbeat and positive sound but they layer their instruments in an echoic fashion not so dissimilar to Foals. They also share Foals’ need for independence as they too self-produced their debut album. Vocally speaking, Elle Jaie/Ellery’s voice reminds me of a Fucked Up lead singer, Damian Abraham, and The Young lead singer, Hans. He basically screams but it is much more melodic than standard screaming vocals. However harsh his voice is it is really softened by the band’s gentler-than-expected musical demeanor (i.e. the piano, the harmonica, the organ). Yeah, they can rock hard but it’s neither overwhelming nor abrasive. It’s straight musical expression without any frills or bells. 

Hype loves WU LYF and with good reason. This band is awesome and definitely get my seal of approval! As you can see, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, is available on Spotify sooo there’s no reason you shouldn’t be listening to it right now. Enjoy!

spotify link

THE SOUND: indie pop, so-called heavy pop, rock instrumentation, elements of math rock, use of organ, use of harmonica, use of piano, male vocalist with a rough but pleasant voice, self-produced/self-release, screaming vocals, similar to Two Door Cinema Club-musically, similar to Fucked Up and The Young-vocally, influenced by church music, elements of psychedelia. Album lasts 47 minutes. 


  1. L Y F
  2. Cave Song
  3. Such A Sad Puppy
  4. Summas Bliss
  5. We Bros
  6. Spitting Blood
  7. Dirt
  8. Concrete Gold
  9. 14 Crowns for Me & Your Friends
  10. Heavy Pop