Week 82: Mykki Blanco (Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss)

Friday! Let’s get weird. 

This post is not supposed to be a review but I suppose when you write a post the same day or week the album drops you’re more or less reviewing it. So here goes: Today we’re listening to Mykki Blanco. Mykki Blanco is the stage name/alter ego of 24-year-old Michael David Quattlebaum Jr., a gender-bending musician from California, North Carolina, and New York. He is Mykki Blanco and when he’s performing, he is she. She came onto the scene earlier this year after releasing a string of hard-hitting singles. Today, she dropped her first mixtape, Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss and it’s everything I hoped it would be. 

To understand the utter chaos of Cosmic Angel, you need to understand the chaos of Mykki Blanco’s image. So while Quattlebaum/Blanco dresses as a woman, she doesn’t do too much to downplay her maleness. She doesn’t wear much makeup but she wears a wig and dresses and skirts. So when you look at Mykki Blanco, you see a man in a woman’s clothes but a woman all the same. 

In that vein, Mykki Blanco’s genre of bizzaro hip-hop/rap is not so different from yesterday’s featured artist, Shabazz Palaces. She combines hardcore rap with fazed out, harried electronica. Blanco spits over block-of-bricks bass, bouncing synths, and semi-consistent drum machine hits. Lyrically, Blanco’s music is deeply rooted in New York’s alternative youth culture (which she entered at age 16) with discussion of heavy drug use, sex, rule-breaking, and above all, aggression. Mykki Blanco’s world is rough and unforgiving and yet, strangely attractive. 

I’ve posted a download link below and it’s free (and legal). Cosmic Angel is, after all, a mixtape. There’s already a buzz surrounding Mykki Blanco and after today there’s sure to be a dull roar. Here’s the ground level, get on it. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

download link

THE SOUND: hip-hop/rap, electroclash, dance music, discussion of drug use, discussion of sex, discussion of lgbt issues, explicit lyrics, youthful music, use of heavy bass beats, high production value, dark music, use of stringed instruments, use of audio sampling from movies, disconcerting music, use of vocal distortion. Album lasts 45 minutes. 


  1. …..
  2. HazeBoogie
  3. Kingpinning (Ice Cold)
  4. Fuckin the DJ ft. Le1f
  5. Riot
  6. Wavvy
  7. Virginia Beach
  8. YungRhymeAssassin
  9. Squanto
  10. …..
  11. Betty Rubble
  12. MB’s First Freestyle
  13. Teenage Dream
  14. …..
  15. Mendecino California

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