Week 83: Friendly Fires (Friendly Fires)

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Friday! For some, it’s the beginning of a week long Thanksgiving Break. For others (yours truly included), there are three more days of work/school until Tryptophan Appreciation Day. We’re going to make it, guys! Allow me to cheer the latter group up and give the former group another reason to celebrate. 

I’d be quite surprised if those of you even  semi-plugged into the independent music world hadn’t at least heard of Friendly Fires. They’re the originators of the song “Paris” whose Aeroplane remix was one of the most popular dance songs of 2008. And it’s still pretty great. The band actually formed in 1997, when its members were 13-year-olds in an after school post-hardcore outfit. It wasn’t until 2006 that the post-uni group decided to go in a more upbeat and funky direction much to the delight of the music world. 

Despite the fact that Friendly Fires consists of a mere three members, these guys DELIVER on sound. In 2008, they blew the indie scene away with their dancefest of a debut, Friendly Fires. While their music is rooted in indie rock, it is decidedly more bass-driven than typical indie rock fare. As a result Friendly Fires’ music sounds takes more from Parliament/Funkadelic than Led Zeppelin. Synths blast over pounding basslines, over-caffeinated percussion and heavenly (if not somewhat boyish) vocals. There are few slow or sorrowful moments when it comes to Friendly Fires and from beginning to end the album is an outrageous celebration of youth. 

Last year, Friendly Fires released their sophomore effort, Pala. It contains the same infectious energy at the heart of Friendly Fires but comes from a band that’s older and wiser but just as much fun. According to recent interviews, their third LP won’t be so pop-driven so get it while you can! In any case, I hope you all have a terrific weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy!

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THE SOUND: dance rock, use of electronic elements, elements of pop music, youthful music, standard rock instrumentation, male vocalist with a mid-to-high range, upbeat music, dance music, use of keyboards, use of synth, influenced by funk music, influenced by Prince, use of vocal harmonization, extensive use of falsetto, British music, bass-driven music, elements of disco. Album lasts 37 minutes. 


  1. Jump in the Pool
  2. In the Hospital
  3. Paris
  4. White Diamonds
  5. Strobe
  6. On Board
  7. Lovesick 
  8. Skeleton Boy
  9. Photobooth
  10. Ex Lover